Q & A with Christine

What is your vision for your brand?

My designs reflect my love for anything and everything organic. I love combining modern aesthetics with vintage design. For me, an unexpected detail adds character and resonance to otherwise simple jewelry. My collections consist of the finest materials, precious metals and gems, and are intended for daily wear.

From a designer standpoint, why jewelry?

I've always had an eye for jewelry, but mostly I love the everlasting nature and durability of metals. Knowing my pieces are worn daily, traveling the world, or possibly passed down for generations makes my job continuously fulfilling and meaningful. 

I've also always preferred creating three-dimensional artwork. As a child, I'd ask everyone to play with clay with me and later moved on to metals. 

Where did you receive your jewelry and design experience/education?

While working in a jewelry store in high school, I learned basic jewelry making, soon after creating my first collections. In college, I traveled to Florence, Italy to study jewelry design, wax carving and metalsmithing at the Lorenzo de' Medici School, which conveniently partnered with TCU. Later I attended the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, California, where I studied diamonds and computer aided design. Previously, I worked alongside skilled jewelers and designers, gaining fundamental skills before launching my own fine jewelry line. I believe in learning every part of the process in order to design with knowledge and practicality. 

What are a few things others might now know about you?

Well, those who know me know this; a few of my very favorite things in life are puppies, a good cup of coffee, and the ocean. I have a passion for health and wellness and in my free time, I'm on my yoga mat, exploring nature, or cooking up healthy recipes. Wherever I may be, I stop to watch the sunset almost every evening. Some of my greatest joys are rooted in creativity, and I'm in a constant design daydream.

What/who inspires you?

I come from generations of artists, carpenters, ceramists, and welders, all of whom inspire me. I'm also inspired by the small details of organic forms found in nature, modern and European architecture, and by my many muses. I aim to design for the creative and innovative women who inspire me daily. 


designer, Christine Stephenson

designer, Christine Stephenson

Christine is committed to fabricating with the finest materials, experimenting with different textures in metal, and seeking out both raw and precious gemstones with character. With an eye for color and quality, Christine often studies gemstones and diamonds, selecting those with the most brilliance. Each piece is handcrafted with the greatest attention to detail, with a belief that jewelry should be personal, capturing and reflecting a woman’s style and individuality. Her collections combine both organic and modern forms and include Victorian and vintage influences.

Christine Elise Fine Jewelry is made locally in the U.S.


Christine, hand rendering designs for a jewelry collection in Florence, Italy.